Compoetry.com 由几位诗友携手创建,用以分享诗歌阅读、创作心得,发表原创作品,展开思想交流,助推诗歌传播。

Compoetry.com 愿成为诗友们分享人生的小站,并诚邀更多诗友加入,荐诗赐稿、言志论道……斯是陋室,惟诗以清心,以致远,以笃行。

Compoetry.com is a blog of poetry established with some Chinese poets, who are walking with poetry in their lifetime.

This is a small salon, in which we publish our poems and essays, read good poems, exchange ideas about writing or other things of poetry.

Poetry is a way of life. By using poems, we not only observe and record life, but also think about it, create it.  We read and write our lives as well as poems.